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crying child A day in the life of Bharat…
It is 6:00 am.
Bharat wakes up. He looks around and finds his mother and her ‘partner’ fast asleep. He tries to move about the only room where he and his mother live, very carefully. Because he knows that if he makes the slightest sound, his mother will wake up, and without asking him anything, she will just give him two tight slaps and lots of bad words. He reaches for his books and starts studying. Slowly and carefully turning pages. He feels extremely thirsty but doesn’t dare to get a glass of water. Because the sound of water jug might just disturb his mother’s sleep. After all, she has slept around 4:00 am, after attending to her last ‘customer’. Bharat’s mother is a Commercial Sex Worker (CSW). She is an alcoholic too. Bharat is trying hard to concentrate on his studies, but even the soft sound of his books wakes up his mother and Bharat gets another dose of his daily beating! He doesn’t complain. His mother’s partner gets up and he too slaps him as hard as he can. They go back to bed. Bharat quietly goes back to study.
It is 10:00 am now. Bharat is starving. But he packs his school bag and heads for school. Bharat is a good student. In school, he tries to focus on his studies, but it’s hard to focus with an empty stomach.
It is almost evening time. Bharat returns home. He is very hungry. His mother is at the door. She makes him go out and buy some snacks. Then, she and Bharat eat it. Mother does not even exchange a single word of warmth, instead abuses him whenever she can. Bharat is restless now. Because it is time for him to get out of the house as his mother may get a ‘customer’ any time. He is too tired and exhausted. But he has no choice. He is out on the streets… waiting to go home and sleep when it is the ‘right’ time.

…Children like Bharat need your help!

colourful band as a design element

Want to help us?

At the moment Ekalavya Nyasa takes care and looks after 100 children. There are three centres (Somwar Peth, Shukrawar Peth & Dhayari) where these projects are carried out. We would like to appoint people to handle these projects and the workload.
We will be highly obliged if you can help by paying the remuneration of certain posts.
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Our Motto

"Unto the Last"

Our Simple Objectives

To encourage the dropouts to continue their education and provide them with alternate career options

  • Provide education at least up to SSCE and equip them with skills for employment opportunities.
  • Empowering these children to lead healthy life of their choice.
  • Equipping them to acquire skills to earn their livelihood.

What does a child need?

"Anything can wait, but the needs of the child; because his tomorrow depends upon his today".
The child is the most precious gift of the world. A bright future of the child is a cherished dream of every cultured society. A child is the future of the society as he/she grows into the basic element of the society i.e. citizen and builds foundation of the society by creating a family. A strong family is the building block of healthy society. Family is a starting unit where child imbibes values, civic sense and social responsibility. It is the family that trains a child to be an essential element in the future society.

A family catering to the needs of a child provides:

  • Basic Food, Clothing & Shelter
  • Emotional & Psychological support
  • Sociological Values and Social Sensitivity

How many children are blessed with such a family in our country? How many children can satiate at least basic needs of their life? What happens to the children who don’t have proper family to support? With the change in population dynamics are we not creating social imbalances and inequalities in the future society?

The questions are unending and the answers are disturbing!
…but Ekalavya Nyasa believes that We Can Make a Difference!
By Creating a healthy environment for a deprived child based on dignity, respect and opportunity to grow.

Eklavya Nyasa believes the child to be the center of the society and advocates the way of enlightening the child through education. Educational development is the basic objective of the Nyasa and the consequent schemes revolve around it. In short, Eklavya Nyasa looks at social & psychological problems and tries to solve them through educational vision. The activity of the Nyasa got itself rooted in Pune in the year 1999 while in 2002 it was registered as a trust. Primarily the Nyasa started working with the children of commercial sex workers. The child always feels that Home is the best institution. Nyasa decided to rehabilitate the child in his home itself.

Renu Gavaskar on Doordarshan

Interview held on Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel for the program 'Umaludya Kalyana (उमलू द्या कळ्यांना)'
Apr. 12, 2016

Our Target Group

Ekalavya Nyasa has focused its attention on the children of

  • Commercial sex workers
  • Alcoholics
  • Single parents

Some Challenges faced by the target group children:

  • The basic needs of the children like shelter and timely meal are not fulfilled. Many a times they go hungry for days and can not have peaceful, continuous & adequate sleep at night.
  • They cannot afford even the basic primary education. Even if they start their education in time they leave the schools midway due to lack of congenial environment.
  • They are a single parent child and suffer from emotional insecurity. There is no family to care of them and nurture them. They are the victims of indifferent and incapable parenting.
  • They carry a social stigma and are not accepted by the society. They are away from the mainstream society and are lonely. In many cases they are physically as well as psychologically abused.
  • They tend to become aggressive and violent because of what they witness everyday. The violence lays indelible mark on shaping child’s behavior in the society.
  • Their struggle for survival is unending. They don’t even have the place to stand, sit or rest. In fact even a place to play is luxury for them.
  • There is a high probability that the daughter of a CSW will become a CSW when she grows up and the son will become a pimp. This itself shows the state of affairs the children live in.
  • It is evident that these children are standing on the lowest strata of the social ladder and their problems are grossly ignored.

Ekalavya Nyasa’s Approach

The Nyasa believes that the aforesaid challenges could be partially overcome. The diagnosis of the above social problem is ignorance and treatment is Educure!

It has adopted a singular mission of educating these children. Everyone at Nyasa trusts that to educate is to bring out the best in the child and develop the potential to its best.

The Nyasa differentiates between teaching and learning. Learning starts with assimilation. So the education here is made more assimilative.

The Nyasa philosophy states that school should be a bridge between family and child. The efforts are made to sensitize parents to the needs of their children, seek their participation and overcome the hurdles of ill–equipped parenting. The Nyasa extends its activities beyond the four walls of schools and assists the parents in understanding their children better.

The Nyasa educates its students by various methods besides the formal process of learning. The techniques used are story telling, creativity (self–reliance & self–motivation), language development etc. The foundation of education is based on Interaction and Communication. With a special emphasis on curative education methods, Nyasa makes extensive use of drawing as well as music therapies. Nyasa considers play therapy to be of equal importance.

Please go through the pages What We Do, Future Plans and About Ekalavya Nyasa to learn more about us.