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Ekalavya Nyasa

An Appeal

We know that EN is not alone in achieving its dream. You all are part of it. When we all come together to achieve this dream in every possible way, we will be bringing smiles on these children's faces and throwing away fear from their little hearts forever. So, let’s come together and help EN help "them".

List of staff to be recruited :
  • Co-ordinator (1) – salary Rs. 8,000/-
  • Social Worker (1) – salary Rs. 6,000/-
  • Teacher (1) – salary Rs. 5,000/-
  • Driver (1) – salary Rs. 6,000/-
  • Office boy (1) – salary Rs. 3,000/-
Other requirements:
  • Computers
  • Sewing machines
  • Chairs (25)
  • Office tables (3)
  • Cupboards
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Washing Machine

Please call on one of the phone numbers below if you’d like to help EN. You can send donations in cash or cheque/DD in favour of "Ekalavya Bal Shikshan & Arogya Nyasa".

Ekalavya Bal Shikshan & Arogya Nyasa.
7, Indira Apartments, Chintamaninagar, Sahakarnagar No. 2, Pune 411 009, India.
Phone: +91 (20) 5621 5386
Mobile: +91 9850894504 / 9545223636

colourful band as a design element

The Motto — "Unto the Last"

Eklavya Nyasa decided to focus its attention on the Right of Education. Many surveys were conducted in the area where the quality of life was not at all conducive to child development. The outcome was shocking and sad. There were children who had never been to school, children who were forced to drop out of the education system and a consequent emergence of child labor.

To fight this menace, Eklavya Nyasa started with a ‘Non Formal Education Centre’. Under this scheme of ‘Non Formal Education System’ regular school is run for the children who wish to appear for SSC examination. Children are supported with all the essential material i.e. stationary, text books, notebooks etc. Renowned teachers from various fields come regularly to teach them various subjects. Eklavya Nyasa also assists those children for their higher education. Non formal Education scheme welcomes the children who have never entered the school. This scheme is called as ‘Setu Shala’ (Bridge School).

Another dimension of this problem touches the menace of child labor. Taking into consideration the serious consequences on the lives of these children, Eklavya Nyasa runs a residential project in collaboration with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). At present we have 55 students with us. The project is called as ‘Gharata’ (Nest). We would like to mention here that not only food, clothing and shelter are provided here, but also every factor conducive to their personality development is taken care of.

Cognizant foundation has donated a mobile van to Eklavya Nyasa. We are a ‘school on wheels’. As the name implies the van goes about places and searches for children who are in need of education. This project requires running expenditure which includes the cost of fuel and the salary of the driver.

To run activities like Setu Shala, Gharata, Sampurna Aahar Yojana, Paripurna Abhivruddhi, Arogya Kendra, Khelghar etc. we need donations. You can pay for some of the expenses to support us and become a part of this noble work.

Thanking you.
Yours truly,
Renu Gavaskar.

You can help EN by: