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Ekalavya Nyasa

Future Plans

EN has following plans for the healthy and wholesome growth of children.

colourful band as a design element

Residential School

EN wishes to start a residential school not only for children of CSWs but also for the children of HIV+ parents who live below poverty line. Through this school the children can get education and a clean and healthy environment to live.


EN wishes to start a school up to 10th standard with an amphitheatre and a playground with the necessary equipment. This will give the children a chance to get proper education and also their very own playground. An amphitheatre will give them a chance to explore their abilities as artists and express themselves.


Since EN wants to start the school up to 10th standard, it needs to have a well–equipped science laboratory, in their own premises to carry out various science experiments as per the school curriculum.

School Library

EN wishes that these children explore the world through books. A well–equipped library is therefore needed.

Transport Facility

EN wants to expose these children to various geographical and historical places of interest. We want to take these children to various entertainment programmes, field trips, picnics and also for regular or specialized health check-ups to the hospital. For this we need a vehicle of our own.

Audio/Video Equipment

EN wishes that they are provided with a Television Set and a DVD/VCD player. The children can then watch various entertainment/educational programmes in the school premises. We think this is necessary as sometimes it becomes very challenging to take the children out at odd times.