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Ekalavya Nyasa

Ekalavya Nyasa’s Activities for the children of CSWs

Here is how we address the essential needs of the children in our care:

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Addressing Educational Needs

The dropout rate of these children is very high. So there is a need to assist them to enter into mainstream education. We try to achieve this through:

Open University: EN wishes to start a center of Open University, a more interesting way of learning. Professionals from various fields have already started sharing their ideas and valuable time towards this.

Current Programmes

To fulfill this philosophy of educure the Nyasa has undertaken various activities at community level.

Setu Shala

Eklavya Nyasa has started with a Montessori & higher school i.e. 8th, 9th & 10th. Taking into consideration special needs of these children, Eklavya Nyasa is implementing alternative educational methods. The students regularly visit the Science Center at University of Pune (IUCAA), a Yoga institute and attend drawing as well as music classes. This program is mainly for the dropouts. These children are unable to complete their education due to family responsibilities. Children are provided with expert assistance and also monetary assistance whenever required.

Sampurna Aahar Yojana

The Nyasa has made a provision of nutritious food to the children of commercial sex workers, as these children come to school without food many times which results in the higher rate of drop outs from the school.

Under this program, a full meal along with an egg is given to the child. This pacifies their hunger and they are able to concentrate better on their studies.

A medical camp is organized quarterly to follow up the cases of malnutrition, HIV, TB and other kinds of physical disorders. It also includes general health checkup for all the children. Doctors discuss health problems with the concerned parent of a child at a specially arranged meeting.

Paripurna Abhivruddhi

Eklavya Nyasa uses music, art & play therapy for the children. It organizes various training programs to give children a platform for self expression. Eklavya Nyasa conducts outings for the children with a view of developing them and bringing them in the mainstream society, providing exposure in role playing and creating role models for the children.

Arogya Kendra

Regular medical check ups are conducted to keep a vigil on the health of children. A counseling center is organized for the children and parents. This enables them to have a freedom of expression, consequently lessening the psychological trauma that they undergo.


Eklavya also has started with an Open House where children can take shelter during the crisis period. They can also go back if they feel secure to go home. This facility is available 24 hours a day.


Eklavya Nyasa had to expand its activities to provide meals and ensure good health to the children. However there were many more basic needs at large for many more children which remained unfulfilled, for example a need for the child to play, as they would struggle to do so on the congested streets of old Pune. Eklavya Nyasa thus came up with ‘Khelghar’ – a home to play, recreate and develop.

Saturday Special

Experts from various fields come to share their techniques and skills with the children. Children enjoy this "Saturday Special" a lot.

Children engage themselves in painting, drama, dance, rangoli and they get some guidance on improving their study skills.

Sponsorship Program

A child can be sponsored either by an individual or an organization. We provide food, clothing, psychological care for this child and also for his or her family. If the family is cared for, the child automatically benefits!

Vocational training camps

Eklavya Nyasa also discovered that a child won’t be comforted in a home where the mother was under unrest. This motivated us to conduct vocational training camps for these ladies which aim to provide them economic independence. Eklavya Nyasa also started with a reading room for these women who can come, rest and be on their own for some time.