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Ekalavya Nyasa

About Ekalavya Bal Shikshan And Arogya Nyasa (EN)

Trust established in the year 2002. It is registered under Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 – Registration no. E–3837, Pune, India.

Building Child’s Tomorrow – is our mission Statement. EN has constantly witnessed that these children carry a social stigma. EN wants to free these children of this burden and wants the society to accept them wholeheartedly. These children do not know much about the world other than the one in which they grow up. EN wants to show them the alternative mode of life, so that the child can come out of the filthy situations in which they live. EN wants to prevent a child from becoming a CSW or a pimp. We believe this is possible by promoting self–reliance and supporting activities that highlight the needs of the most vulnerable and distressed.

EN works for the children of:

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"Child, give me your hand, so that I may walk in the light that you show me" – Mahatma Gandhi

A healthy and an enlightened child is a vision EN has as its core dream. Education, healthy environment, proper nourishment and affectionate supporters will make this dream come true. Though the circumstances around the child are not very bright as of today, we at EN want to brighten up every child's life by eradicating fear from his/her heart.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to empower these children to become self–reliant and live a respectable life.

Our objectives are:

  • Help 100 children improve their health status
  • Help 50 children improve their academic performance
  • Help 200 children to improve their social skills for better interpersonal relations
  • Make sure that 50 dropouts continue their education, OR provide them with alternate career options

Our Trustees

  • Ms. Renu Gavaskar – President
  • Mr. Mahesh Patankar
  • Mr. Avinash Chaphekar
  • Ms. Himani Swami
  • Ms. Medha Purkar
  • Ms. Sanskruta Vernekar
  • Ms. Vrunda Purandare
  • Mr. Sunil Dadhe
  • Mr. Shirish Joshi
  • Mr. Dhananjay Prabhune
  • Mr. Subhash Deshpande

At the moment Eklavya Nyasa takes care and looks after 100 children. There are three centres (Somwar Peth, Shukrawar Peth & Dhayari) where these projects are carried out. We feel that the number of the workers is less compared to the workload. We will be highly obliged if the remuneration of the certain posts will be paid to us (to be appointed).

List of the existing staff :